Monday, 8 August 2011

Marathon planning

I keep hearing people saying how amazing it is that London 2012 is ahead of schedule. When you think about the economic situation over the past few years, this seems an amazing feat. Especially when you consider that Los Angeles 1984 and Montreal 1976 didn’t pay off their Olympic debt until 2006. And let’s not mention Athens 2004. Sydney 2000 was one of the most hugely successful and organized games of all time – but fell down when it came to planning the legacy of the Homebush Olympic site, which has subsequently cost the government money.

So here are a few more amazing stats coming out of City Hall about London 2012:

• 125,000 school children in London will receive tickets from the Mayor’s office.

• Europe’s largest urban shopping centre will open in Stratford.

12 new schools and nurseries are being planned for the Olympic Park once the Games are over.

• There will be 100,000 summer jobs during the Olympics with 10,000 new jobs in the new shopping centre alone.

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