Monday, 15 August 2011

My diary from Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony Day

I recently found my diary that I kept during the Sydney Olympics. I was just 22, living and working in Sydney and full of enthusiasm for life – and in particular, the Games. Now I'm a mum of a toddler with ten years of work under my belt in advertising agencies, it's not quite as easy to be so energetic and positive about everything as it was then - especially when you're sleep deprived!

However, that said, we've seen too many examples of what too much cynicism does for society this past week, so I'm going to embrace the spirit of 2000 and try and think a bit more like my 22 year old self...(even if I don't look it!)

15th September 2000

"Watching a show about the torch. Nearly 11,000 people have run with the torch. The General Manager of the torch relay said they try and ‘capture the vision of a place and community’ when deciding where the torch goes – which streets it goes down etc. I think they did that when they chose to go down Arden Street (in Coogee where I live). It’s a long street connecting Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee. Stood on our roof we could see it coming down the huge hill. Prince Albert of Monaco was here running a leg of it too. Todd Woodbridge is about to accept the torch live on TV. Right now. His gold medal tennis doubles partner Mark Woodford is also there. I slept too long. Can’t believe today is the day. Have to get the bus around 12pm." TO BE CONTINUED...

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