Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Help our athletes

Ever since we were handed the Olympics in 2005, we’ve been sold the idea that we’re a nation of sports lovers. I won’t mention the obesity crisis. But at least Strictly Come Dancing beat X Factor in the Saturday night ratings this year. I don’t know many people who play sport once they build their careers or have children. But there are those who make it work, come rain or shine. And even when they’re juggling two jobs so they can actually compete in their sport. So it’s highly disappointing to see this weekend’s headlines that many athletes’ funding will be cut.

I don’t know who is responsible for this decision within the WCPP (World Class Performance Programme) but in this crucial year, it’s hard not to feel angered on behalf of the dedicated athletes who are losing out. I might not be able to compete in anything other than toddler wrestling, but for those who can and want to be there for their country, it’s a shame all those sports lovers in power aren’t helping them more. After all, can you imagine Beijing’s athletes having to stack shelves in the supermarket?

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