Thursday, 2 February 2012

How do I look?

Stella McCartney is due to stage her first London show in 16 years at London Fashion Week later this month. It’s expected to be inspired by the London Olympics and is hoped to inject a touch of glamour into the run up to the games. As Creative Director of Adidas’ Team GB Olympics kit, McCartney is no stranger to sport and has been working with the global sportswear firm since 2004.

Let’s hope the athletes look slightly smarter than previous Opening Ceremonies. At Sydney, their outfits were designed by Marks & Spencer and paled into insignificance compared with other nations. As you’ll see from my previous Sydney diary post, the Opening Ceremony not only showcases countries of the world, but it is also an exciting evening for the athletes before the serious competition begins. So let’s send them out with their heads held high. Come on Stella, show us what you’re made of! (Less Beatles, more Rolling Stones please…)

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